How to choose the perfect T hinge for your project?

Deliberate factors like gate weight, dimensions, material, and usage purpose. Select a hinge that aligns with gate specifications and desired aesthetics, or connect with us for precise guidance.

Can TDC T hinges be tailored to unique designs?

Certainly! At TDC, we offer customization options, allowing you to choose finishes, styles, and sizes that seamlessly match your gate's design and your personal preferences.

What materials are T hinges typically made of?

TDC T Hinges commonly employ stainless steel, brass, bronze, and galvanized steel for their robustness and resistance against weather conditions.

What finishes are available for T hinges?

TDC T hinges come in an array of finishes, including black, brass, chrome, and antique options. Choose a finish that complements your design preferences and surroundings.

Origins and specialization of TDC T hinges?

As a distinguished factory and exporter since 1990, we specialize in heavy steel (iron) door hinges. We invite you to explore our range, shaped by three decades of expertise.

How about your Quality Control(QC)?

We hold product quality in high regard, subjecting each item to rigorous checks at five stages: after stamping, roll bending, plating, installation, and before packaging.

Are TDC T hinge samples complimentary?

Generally, samples are free for reasonable quantities; You only need to pay for shipping.

TDC T hinge market outreach?

Our market presence spans Africa (South Africa, Egypt), Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Poland), Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile), Middle East (Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon), and South Asia (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore).

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